The Amvrakikos Wetlands Management Agency was founded on 08/27/2002 with 25 other Management Agencies of Protected Areas to the Law 3044/02. It is a private law, non-profit organization, of the Public Sector (supervised by the Ministry of Environment & Energy) in accordance with Law 2742/99 it aims to: “the administration and management of areas, items and sets of nature and landscape areas designated as PROTECTED”.

To help achieve this goal, it is being run by an 11-member Board of Directors which brings together representatives of Ministries, of decentralized administration, Regional and Local authorities, fishing cooperatives, non-governmental environmental organizations and ETANAM AE OTA. This way it is being seek maximum representation of the State, local authorities and users of the area, in the development of participation and making co-management measures for the Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park.

The Amvrakikos Wetlands Management Agency is renamed into Amvrakikos gulf – Lefkada Management Agency under the Law 4519/2018. This way most emphasis is given to the gulf and the Management Agency extends towards Lefkada’s protected areas.

The vision conveyed through Management Agency of Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park is: sustainable environment (habitats, species of flora and fauna) in combination with sustainable development. Essentially the aim is to restore the functionality of ecosystems that has been degraded without marginalizing the local community or jeopardizing its economic prosperity. The successful implementation of this management model will lead to the promotion of the intrinsic value of biodiversity and its recognition as a major importance for the prosperity of the region.


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