The Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park has been over the past years an appropriate space for various sporting activities. On the initiative of local authorities in the wider area of Amvrakikos gulf, annual races take place that aim for the promotion of sports interest, protect and enhance the beauty of Amvrakikos gulf and provide the tourism development of the area. A typical example is the swimming crossing of Amvrakikos gulf starting from the port of Vonitsa and ending at the port of Koronisia, including a sea course of about 11 km. Participants are able to swim with bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) of Amvrakikos gulf, living the unique experience to coexist with this rare mammal in its natural habitat.

Every summer are held the “In Nikopol Aktion” as a remembrance of the Battle of Actium. They include 10 km races starting from the Gate of early Christian Walls of Ancient Nikopolis and terminating at the beach of Preveza by viewing the entrance of Amvrakikos gulf including many moored sailboats. As part of the celebration, the sport of triathlon takes place; it includes swimming 750 meters in the Amvrakikos gulf, cycling to St. Thomas twice (total of 22 km) and free running track (to Pantokratoras and return to the City Hall of Preveza).

Agios Giannis beach at Lefkada island is the traditional meeting place for kitesurfers due to the strong winds blowing almost every day at the site. Also, Amvrakikos gulf is very attractive for lovers of water extreme sports. The beach of Koronisia is offered more than any other in Amvrakikos and is thus a regular meeting point of kitesurfers. Furthermore, sport friends of kayak activities are able to explore the beauties of Ziros Lake, by participating in the annual “Zero Festival”.


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