It is considered a Gastronomic destination with a remarkable variety of flavors with high quality, associated with fish eating. Baked sardines (sprat), shrimp (the famous “Gabari”), the delicious grilled or smoked eel and pedals (grilled mullet) are unique local culinary delights. A special delicacy is the crab and the whimsical Striped that are very rare in Amvrakikos, which are steamed with garlic or spaggetti.

Above all, however, stands the famous botargo. The caviar of Amvrakikos, as locals call it, which is product from “Bafa” (female mullet) they dry and wax it in order to maintain its unsurpassed flavor, to be eaten as a gourmet delicacy, accompanied by ouzo, raki or wine, all locally produced products.

In the region of Arta, Preveza and Lefkada there are also other traditional products well known for their special flavor and quality characteristics, such as:

  • Cheese products with Protected Designation of Origin (Feta, graviera and galotyri)
  • Oranges and Kiwi from Arta
  • Olive products (Lianolia made with oil or edible Konservolia)
  • Englouvi’s lentils from Lefkada

Finally, we should mention the high nutritional value of these specific food group and the fact that it stands prominently on the top of the food “pyramid” of the Mediterranean Diet. All these flavors through dishes of Amvrakikos will remain indelibly etched in our palate and we can keep them as culinary memories, mandatory renewable, periodically with visits to this wonderful place…


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